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Cable lay

Cable lay

Advanced cable route planning and real-time cable lay operations

Features for both the planning phase and construction phase

Key features

  • For cable route planning, NaviModel Producer allows for:
    • Cable/pipe route design, with easy-to-use and very efficient route drawing tools, where the cable properties are used to drape the cable on the seabed and automatically detect free spans.
    • Terrain profiles along the cable route, showing cable bending, across slope, along slope and other key parameters to enable the user to easily spot design problems.
    • Vessel route simulation, calculating cable catenaries along the route, thus calculating where the vessel needs to be positioned in order to lay the cable.
    • Rock dump and trenching tools, where the engineering team can easily design burial/coverage of the cable using defined cross profiles or full templates. Burials/trenches can easily be defined for fixed depths/heights or relative to terrain.
    • Volume calculation, precisely calculating volume of rock dumps etc.
    • Trencher movement on terrain, where the software can simulate how a trencher will move along the terrain, using a real 3D model of the trencher and calculating the actual footprint in order to verify pitch/roll of the trencher and whether the trencher can in fact move along the route.
  • For the cable lay operation, NaviPac Pro or NaviModel Producer with the lay and catenary option allows for:
    • Positioning of vessel, ie runline of vessel and input to DP2/autopilot
    • Live position of ROV in case an ROV is used for touch down monitoring
    • Live view of sonar (requires NaviScan)
    • Live view of camera feed from deck cameras, ROV cameras etc
    • Catenary calculation, using EIVA’s physics emulation, which will estimate tension along the cable as well as touch down point in real time.
    • Interfacing of cable sensors, eg tension measurement and/or departure angle
    • Automatic measurement of departure angle from LiDAR (SICK or Velodyne)
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