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EIVA LIVE webinar recordings on new features

The aim of this eLearning module is to introduce the learner to the latest features and offerings in EIVA’s software and hardware offerings, so they can take advantage of new improvements at the time of our EIVA LIVE webinars.

You will find the most recent recordings of webinars held by experts from the EIVA team, on topics ranging far and wide – from new features or variants of NaviSuite Kuda, our hydrographic survey software, to new flight modes or sensor support in NaviSuite Mobula, our ROV control and inspection software.

See FAQ for how to access the webinar recordings from your EIVA eLearning user profile.

The eLearning module covers the following topics, and will be updated with new webinars after they are held:

  • Voyis VSLAM Powered by EIVA NaviSuite (May 2024)
  • NaviSuite Nardoa (May 2024)
  • NaviPac 4 – has got you covered (November 2023)
  • NaviModel 4.8 (November 2023)
  • ViperFish ROTV (November 2023)
  • NaviSuite Perio (August 2023)
  • NaviSuite Mobula – tunnel vision during underwater ROV inspections (July 2023)
  • How computer vision helps enabling autonomy – NaviSuite onboard features (October 2022)
  • NaviSuite Mobula ROV control and inspection software (June 2022)
  • NaviSuite Kuda hydrographic survey software and autopilot (June 2022)
  • NaviSuite NaviPac 4.5 rig move and tug management (November 2021)
  • ScanFish ROTV range (November 2021)
  • Automation, autonomy and AI in Navisuite (October 2021)
  • Workflow Manager (September 2021)
  • ScanFish Equinox (April 2021)
  • NaviModel 4.5 and NaviEdit 8.6 (March 2021)

Estimated duration:  30 minutes to 1.5 hours per webinar

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