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USV- & vessel-based hydrographic inspections

USV- & vessel-based hydrographic inspections

Unmatched capabilities at affordable prices

Benefit from the advanced software features bundled in the NaviSuite Kuda solution

NaviSuite Kuda is the optimal solution for time-efficient, high-quality hydrographic surveys. This includes harbour and waterway surveys, as well as construction inspections, carried out with USVs or manned vessels.

By bundling the NaviSuite features relevant to these types of operations into several variants that match your survey spread and your budget, you get an affordable toolbox without compromising on the quality of its contents or its capacity. The software provides high-performing features focusing on simplicity, automation and autonomy, while also enabling you to carry out remote operations.

For autonomous USV surveys, this software can be used with standardised NMEA APB autopilots or the NaviSuite Kuda – Autopilot. This autopilot is designed to provide superior steering control, allowing for precise line-keeping even in sharp turns and safe parking.

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Highlighted features

Easy configuration
… through an intuitive user interface bringing all relevant features to your monitor, including a patch test tool

Automatic data cleaning
… through a variety of cleaning methods, allowing for customisable configuration, also during acquisition

Bring autonomy onboard your hydrographic operations
… through support of autopilot route planning and control, as well as real-time optimisation of survey area coverage and an optional autopilot with superior vessel control

Let your team join your hydrographic operations remotely
… through the possibility of remote supervision, control and data processing

Combination of several hydrographic survey data types
… through interfacing to high-tech sonars, LiDARs and cameras, thereby reducing cost of survey and the risk of errors

High-quality sensor processing and editing features
… that minimise time spent on post-processing and improve the quality of your survey results

High-performance bathymetric data acquisition and processing in real time
… as the size of data sets is only limited by disc capacity and it is possible to make terrain models on the fly, thereby allowing for better bathymetric survey data quality and fast reporting

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