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NaviSuite eLearning

NaviSuite eLearning

NaviSuite eLearning Testimonials

Here you can read what some of the participants have to say about the NaviSuite eLearning platform and modules. If you would like to share your experience with NaviSuite eLearning, get in touch and we'd be happy to hear it.

'Just received my basic geodesy exam certification from an EIVA eLearning module. The last time I was taught these basics was back in 2009. Through the long years of experience, we dive deeper into the fine technical details and new technologies, yet we forget the 'main' definitions, purposes and basics! I believe it is indispensable to refresh them every now and then, to regrant vitality for the bigger picture in the back of our minds.'

CSWIP 3.4U Inspection Controller & Senior pipeline survey data processor

'The module was great in all aspects. I have been working as a Senior Data Processor for a long time and it was a great opportunity to see how the same tasks I perform on daily basis offshore are done in NaviModel. Starting from sorting out problems with DTMs using match up, leveling out to eventing.'

             Offshore Processor, NaviModel 4.0 Essentials (Part 2)

'I have gained a greater understanding of how survey and processing works with the inspection department to produce the final deliverable.'

NaviModel 4.0 Essentials (Part 1) graduate

'All module parts are useful for the real work, so that I cannot find any useless functions in these modules.'

Field Operations Coordinator, NaviPac 4.2 Helmsman's Display Runlines and Waypoints Essentials

'As an online surveyor I`m dealing with the acquisitions and all the displays, checking all the inputs and the data is the very essence of the job. That is why this module is helpful to me.'

 Online Surveyor, NaviScan 9.0 Essentials

'I learnt to understand how to use NaviPac Beka, configure and make a simulation for anchor and rig planning movement.' 

Online Surveyor, NaviSuite Beka Catenary 1.4 Essentials

'It is relevant for my role as a Sales & Support Engineer for hydrography survey to understand the planning for anchor positioning or rig movement.'

Sales & Support Engineer, NaviSuite Beka Catenary 1.4 Essentials

'Relevant to my job and gave me a really good introduction to the theory and the operation of all tools.' 

Surveyor, NaviModel 4.2 Pipeline Inspection Advanced

'Until I experienced it with the EIVA’s NaviSuite eLearning courses, I never really believed that one can say so much, while it still makes sense, in a condensed format. The content of each module is designed to contain so much information in each line. The pictorial representations are spot-on and in sync with the text. Great content for a great product.' 

Hydrographic surveyor