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NaviSuite Beka Catenary 1.4 Essentials

NaviSuite Beka Catenary 1.4 Essentials

This eLearning module covers all the essential parts of making catenary calculation with the NaviSuite Catenary option.

The Catenary option is useful for a number of situations:

  • Planning where to place anchors
  • Live monitoring of anchor chains and their curvature (catenary) in the water during rig move operations
  • Live monitoring of tensions on anchor chains when anchore
NaviSuite Beka Catenary 1.4 Essentials eLearning module

This eLearning module covers functions enabling you to use the Catenary option.

The  module covers:

  • How the Catenary option works
  • Simulation
  • Libraries
  • Anchor configuration
  • Using the Catenary option with NaviPac Beka
  • The module ends with a quiz

Estimated duration: 1 hour, including a quiz after which you can print a certificate with your score.

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