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NaviScan 9.0 Essentials

NaviScan 9.0 Essentials

The aim of this NaviScan 9.0 Essentials eLearning module is to introduce the NaviSuite family’s NaviScan solution for data acquisition, visualisation and quality control of multi-beam, side-scan sonar and laser data.

Users are introduced to the theory, location and operation of all tools without going into excessive detail. How-to videos and use cases deliver greater depth of understanding to enhance the learning experience.

NaviScan 9.0 Essentials eLearning module

The NaviScan 9.0 Essentials eLearning module covers the following topics:

  • Module overview – introduction to the eLearning module
  • Introducing NaviScan – the purpose of NaviScan, the main components, and the overall dataflow
  • The software – brief introduction to the underlying file and folder structure
  • The user interface – introduction to the main user interface of the package
  • Configuring NaviScan – setting up a job using the NaviScan configuration tool NSConfig
  • Time tagging – special focus on how to treat high-accuracy data in regards to timing
  • Data acquisition – how to operate NaviScan in real time for collection and quality control of the data
  • Connection – how NaviScan interacts with other modules such as NaviPac and NaviEdit
  • Tools – introduction to various tools in NaviScan such as exporting to XTF, VYZ or FAU
  • Quiz – interactive multiple-choice quiz

The primary audience for the eLearning module is online surveyors or similar positions that need to configure or operate a task using NaviScan.

Estimated duration: 1.5 hours, including a quiz after which you can print a certificate with your score.

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