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  • Sonardyne Micro-Ranger 2
  • Sonardyne Micro-Ranger 2
Micro-Ranger 2 from Sonardyne is designed as a shallow water USBL system for tracking of divers and small remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles. Extremely portable and quick to mobilise, Micro-Ranger 2 can be deployed from any waterside location or vessel, including RHIBs and small survey vessels. This makes it ideal for supporting marine operations conducted in rivers, lakes and coastal waters.
The system has an operating range of 995 metres and can update you with the position of each target being tracked up to twice a second. The Micro-Ranger Transceiver (MRT) uses an integral AHRS sensor which provides pitch, roll and heading data that automatically compensates for the dynamic motion of the vessel, removing the need for an external sensor and pre-use calibration. 

Micro-Ranger Transceiver (MRT)

The MRT is the core of the Micro-Ranger 2 system. Extremely small and light, the MRT can be deployed from the side of any vessel, pontoon, or even USV (Unmanned Surface Vessel).
The configuration of the receiver elements inside provide omni-directional acoustic tracking coverage, so is ideal for tracking targets in shallow water all the way to the surface.
It’s design offers unrivalled range resolution and precision for a USBL system of this size. To optimise performance in different operating environments, the MRT has a built-in diagnostics mode to both listen to, and visualise signals and noise in the water.
Compatibility with both Nano transponder with depth sensor and WSM 6+ Omni and Directional transponders.


Recommended for shallow water tracking
Operating range
up to 995 m
up to 10 targets
Depth rating
1,000 metres
Operational frequency
MF (19–34 kHz)
Transceiver beamshape
Transmit source level (19–34 kHz) (external power) (re. 1 µPa @ 1 m) (battery)
187 dB / 184 dB
Tone Equivalent Energy (TEE*) (external power)
193 dB
Receive sensitivity (dB re 1 μPa)
<85 dB
Power supply
Rechargeable NiMH battery or ext. 24 V via ROV umbilical
Operating channels
All Sonardyne wideband HPR 400 channels
Depth sensor
±0.5% full scale (100 bar)
Operating life ( 1 s update rate, max. power, WB2 )
≥6 days
Maximum update rate
>2 Hz
Quiescent life (battery)
>35 Days
Connector / 5-Way (standard) / 8-Way (burnwire/motor release )
Subconn MCBH5M / Subconn MCBH8F
Operating temperature
-5 to 40°C
Storage temperature
-20 to 55°C
Mechanical construction
Aluminium alloy, anodised
Dimensions (length x diameter)
429 x 97 mm
Weight in air (water)
3.2 kg (1.3 kg)
Battery charger

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