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  • G-882 Marine Magnetometer
  • G-882 Marine Magnetometer

The Geometrics G-882 caesium-vapour marine magnetometer is a low-cost, compact system designed for professional surveys in shallow or deep water. 

The G-882 is designed for operation from small vessels for shallow water surveys as well as for large survey vessels for deep tow applications (4,000 psi rating, telemetry over steel coax available to 10 km). The G-882 boasts unrivaled sample rate and sensitivity for more economical surveying and unparalleled magnetic data quality. 

The most common applications for the G-882 include: UXO detection, pipeline mapping, archaeological search and mineral/geological surveys.

Please note: This product is subject to export control, which may delay/hinder delivery to some countries, and may be subject to restrictions if re-exported.​

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