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This compact, high resolution, tightly integrated, broadband multi-beam sonar solution from NORBIT offers a curved array, a real-time sound velocity profiler and GNSS/INS that is suited for demanding environments (Applanix OceanMaster). The iWBMSh is ready for rapid mobilisation. 

The iWBMSh is fully integrated with high-performance sensors to work in the most challenging environments (under bridges or in rough sea conditions).

Small form factor, low power draw and tight integration allows it to be installed on any survey platform (hull mount or pole mount). Hands-free system tuning ensures quality data on the first survey. 

The NORBIT multi-beam system includes

  • Snippets
  • Sidescan
  • Backscatter 
  • Water column output
  • Pelican case 
  • Sonar Interface Unit (SIU-INAV)
  • Trimble GPS antennas
  • GPS cables (10 m)
  • Sonar and IMU Interface Split Cable (8 m)
  • Mounting bracket with fairing
  • Miscellaneous cables
  • Accessories 
  • Manual
  • Narrow options

Please note: The Norbit iWBMSh is installed on one of our small USVs and is not available for stand-alone rental. For more info on the USVs in the EIVA rental pool, please contact rental@eiva.com

How to rent equipment from EIVA

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