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Hardware and software rental

Hardware and software rental

Equipment for rent

Depending on the scope of your offshore and shallow water survey or construction operation, budget and time frame, renting the required software and hardware may very well be the ideal choice. Often, it will save you both time and money, and you will not have to commit to purchasing a product that you only need for a limited amount of time.

From sensors to complete system solutions

EIVA holds an extensive pool of hardware and software for rent (the latter through subscription licences), ranging from extensive system solutions through to the EIVA NaviSuite software solutions and single sensors.

Continuous investment in state-of-the-art solutions and close cooperation with selected providers ensures that we have the most common and requested types of equipment available for rent.

Adding guidance to the basket

When you rent EIVA hardware and software, you benefit from our more than 45 years’ experience in the offshore industry. Our rental department will assist and guide you, ensuring that you get the optimum solution for your next offshore and shallow water operation.

Short- and long-term rental – whichever you prefer

We constantly have numerous pieces of equipment out at sea – often with companies who keep returning when in need for a specific type of survey or construction solution for short- or long-term rental. And many former rental customers choose to buy EIVA products when their needs change. 

Urgent need?

The worst case scenario of your existing equipment breaking down during a survey is unfortunately often a realistic risk. If you turn to EIVA for help, we’ll do our utmost to ensure that you are up and running as soon as possible. Our staff will not rest before you can lean back and wait for the new equipment sent by express delivery.