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A NaviSuite licence is more than just software


When an EIVA NaviSuite licence reaches the computer of a new user, there is more than just software code in play.


We know the importance of reducing downtime at sea to a minimum and of increasing the efficiency of the different types of operations for which the NaviSuite products can be applied. This includes offering users a service that goes beyond delivery of the software. Consequently, as a NaviSuite user, the following is available:



NaviSuite software for efficient operations


Different price models matching your needs


All products included in the NaviSuite line can be purchased as a permanent licence or as a subscription licence. Which one to choose depends on for how many days you expect to be using the licence. 


A subscription can be ordered – and easily extended – for a specific number of days or years. You can also get up and running quickly with a permanent licence, which comes with a physical dongle that will work indefinitely. 



24/7 software support

Get help 24/7 from NaviSuite experts

NaviSuite is in use throughout the world and often all day and all night. Consequently, we offer access to our support team regardless of the time or day of the week through our software maintenance and support (SMS) programme. They are based in different offices and time zones to provide the optimum support coverage. As highly experienced users, the support teams are qualified to deal with all types of software issues, drawing on our many years of experience in the industry. 

SMS is included in all licence subscriptions.


Access to new releases via our download site

As an SMS subscriber, you’ll also get a notification when a new release of the software is made available on the EIVA Download site, allowing you to access it right away.



Supplement with eLearning activities and classroom training


Learn the NaviSuite ropes through eLearning


The EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site offers you access to a number of training modules covering various features and applications of the NaviSuite programmes, regardless of the time of the day and where you are in the world via an annual subscription. So far, more than 1,000 eLearners have signed up, and we’re continually expanding the content on the site as new NaviSuite releases and features are introduced.


It is also possible to supplement eLearning by classroom training and blended learning which focus on in-depth details of specific subjects. 



Customised software development

Influence the focus of future development


The beauty of software development is that you’re never really done. We’re constantly working on improving our software solutions according to our users’ input, new requirements and emerging technologies. 


Through our user demo days carried out every year as well as by providing feedback via our support ticket system and by reaching out to discuss specific development requests, it is possible to affect the list of features to be included in the NaviSuite products in future releases. Thereby, we take the flexibility of the software to a new level to those who have specific requests.


As for custom software development, we are always happy to help and at a low hourly rate – and often, we can accommodate your needs within only a couple of days. 


Learn more about EIVA NaviSuite and the services offered when becoming a user, or contact us for more details.


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