EIVA NaviSuite software training

... teaching you the ropes through classroom courses and eLearning


EIVA offers training in the EIVA NaviSuite software for offshore survey and subsea engineering operations. This will ensure that you get maximum benefit from your software.

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Classroom training: Predefined content or content based on your specific needs

Experienced EIVA instructors will take you through open standard courses or a tailored course, if you have specific requests to the contents. You can see examples of tailored courses in the EIVA Training Matrix.

The training courses are held at various locations throughout the world – including your premises - by either EIVA or certified instructors from our international network of training partners.

See all open courses listed according to date or navigate to a location via the map below.


If you’re interested in a tailored course, feel free to contact Training Account Manager Mai Nedergaard to learn more.


eLearning: Learn the EIVA NaviSuite software ropes online, whenever and wherever you want

You can get access to the EIVA NaviSuite eLearning site via an annual subscription. The eLearning site consists of training modules covering various aspects of the NaviSuite features and applications, which you can visit and revisit regardless of the time of the day and where you are in the world – as long as you have an internet connection.

This enables you to maintain your newly acquired skills and stay updated on new versions and features of the EIVA NaviSuite software.

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Blended learning: Extensive training combining the best of two worlds

‘Training given by experienced personnel. A good experience.'

Survey Party Chief Shaik Mohammed Rafi, Saipem

We also offer what we call blended learning at our headquarters in Denmark. This means that the basic parts of the NaviSuite software training are covered by training via our eLearning site prior to you attending a classroom course.

This allows you to prepare for the classroom course when your schedule allows for it and to revisit the subjects covered by eLearning as many times as you want – both before and after the classroom course.

Due to this, the classroom part is reduced in terms of number of days compared to the traditional courses, focusing only on in-depth details of specific subjects, hands-on training and dialogue with the instructor. This is possible because the basics have been covered before you meet with our experienced EIVA senior surveyors who carry out the training.


Upcoming open courses 

See all open courses listed according to date or navigate to a location via the map below.