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SATELLINE-EASy is a new state-of-the-art transceiver radio modem providing a compact and flexible solution for many different long-range applications. 

SATELLINE-EASy is equipped with all necessary features, such as 90 MHz / 70 MHz tuning range (330...420 MHz / 403...473 MHz) in one hardware, selectable channel spacing and low power consumption either with +3...+9 Vdc or +6...+30 Vdc voltage level ranges. SATELLINE-EASy is compatible with SATEL radio modules and high power products, and with SATEL additional equipment (eg SATELLINK products). 

SATELLINE-EASy can be equipped with LCD and push buttons to facilitate configuration of the radio modem. 

For increased privacy, SATELLINE-EASy can be equipped with 128-bit AES encryption. Models available with up to 35 W transmitting power for very long range communication. Range can also be increased with models with built-in battery (eg for intermediate repeater function).

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