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  • Workhorse Navigator Doppler Velocity Log 1200 kHz
  • Workhorse Navigator Doppler Velocity Log 1200 kHz

Traditional underwater navigation systems provide only periodic position updates that can leave you uncertain as to where your ROV/AUV or vehicle is located.

Teledyne RD Instruments' revolutionary Workhorse Navigator DVLs fill in these gaps with high-rate, high-precision navigation data, using patented BroadBand bottom-tracking algorithms. Now, you can feel confident that you know your exact underwater location at all times – even in deep water.

Product features

  • Originally patented under Teledyne RDI, BroadBand processing technology provides users with both short-term and long-term high-precision velocity data
  • Proven reliable and accurate high-rate navigation and positioning data
  • Proven bottom detection algorithms and single-ping bottom location for robust and reliable bottom-tracking over indeterminate terrain
  • Superior low-altitude bottom-tracking capability
  • Real-time current profiling data


  • 1200 kHz

Please note: This product is subject to export control, which may delay/hinder delivery to some countries, and may be subject to restrictions if re-exported.​