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  • ScanFish Service – 3D ROTV
  • ScanFish Service – 3D ROTV

To ensure optimal operations and minimise any downtime, we recommend that you send your ScanFish to EIVA for inspection once a year. Our team of qualified and highly specialised EIVA service personnel at EIVA's facility in Skanderborg, Denmark, can identify and repair damages or wear which your ScanFish may have sustained during operations.

One unit purchased via the webshop equals service only. Any replacement not mentioned in the below is not included in the unit price, nor is on-site ScanFish service, as this needs to be arranged upon request.

The ScanFish service package comprises:

  • Mechanical check
    • Exchange of screws/bolts/thread-holes as required
    • Cable check
  • Controller test
    • Firmware upgrade
    • Port-setting
    • Stress test
    • Exchange of O-rings
    • Pressure test
  • Topside check
  • Motor check and exchange of sealings
  • Altimeter check
  • Software
    • ScanFish Flight software update
  • System test

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