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  • OS1
  • OS1

The OS1 LiDAR offers an industry-leading combination of price, performance, reliability, size, weight and power. It is designed for indoor/outdoor all-weather environments and a long lifetime. As the smallest high performance LiDAR on the market, the OS1 can be directly integrated into vehicle facias, robots, drones and fixed infrastructure. 


  • Fixed resolution per frame
  • Camera-grade near-infrared and intensity data
  • Multi-sensor crosstalk immunity
  • Fixed intrinsic calibration
  • Open source drivers


Range (80% Lambertian reflectivity)
100 m @ >90% detection probability, 100 klx sunlight
120 m @ >50% detection probability, 100 klx sunlight
Range (10% Lambertian reflectivity
45 m @ >90% detection probability, 100 klx sunlight
55 m @ >50% detection probability, 100 klx sunlight
Minimum range
0.3 m for point cloud data
0 m – 0.3 m blockage detection (flag to indicate object within 0.3 m)
Range accuracy
±3 cm for lambertian targets, ±10 cm for retroreflectors
Vertical resolution
32 channels
Horisontal resolution
512, 1024 or 2048 (configurable)
Field of view
Vertical: 45° (+22.5° to -22.5°)
Horizontal: 360°
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