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  • NaviSuite Kuda Core setup, use and processing
  • NaviSuite Kuda Core setup, use and processing

NaviSuite Kuda Core virtual training course

EIVA's virtual training in NaviSuite Kuda Core + Processing is aimed at participants with a basic knowledge of hydrographic surveying and relevant, existing knowledge about geodesy, sensors, point clouds and digital terrain models and patch testing. Having passed specific EIVA eLearning modules prior to the start of the course is not required, but participants are expected to be aquainted with the NaviSuite Kuda Core + Processing bundle to understand where use of this software is applicable. 

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Venue & Language

The course will be held virtually, via Microsoft Teams and will be conducted in English

Duration and timing

The duration of the course is 3 days with training of the group taking place from 8.00 – 15.00 GMT. (9.00 - 16.00 CET)

Entry requirement

A basic knowledge of hydrographic surveying concepts is needed with regards to geodesy, sensors, point clouds and digital terrain models, patch testing etc. Unless otherwise agreed, the training will be conducted in English, so a good knowledge of the English language is expected from the participants. We recommend that participants pass the following EIVA eLearning modules prior tot eh start of the course:

  • NaviSuite Kuda Core 4.6 Configuration, Sailing and Survey Essentials
  • NaviSuite Kuda Core 4.6 Data Processing Essentials

EIVA eLearning

Access to EIVA eLearning for 30 days is incl. in the course fee to allow the participant to prepare for the course and continued access for an additional 12 months can be purchased at the reduced price of €110 if purchase is made before the free EIVA eLearning account expires

Having passed specific EIVA eLearning modules prior to the start of the course is not a requirement for this course, but we recommend a general walk through the previously listed modules.  and continued access to the modules after the course to serve as both course notes and a place to look up information

Training days

Day 1: Kuda Core Config and Kuda Core
Days 2&3: Kuda Core data processing and Patch Test

Learning objectives

The virtual course is structured around a curriculum to give the training course participants a step by step walk through Kuda Core, the most elementary NaviSuite package aimed for hydrography. The purpose is to take new EIVA NaviSuite users from configuring their vessel to planning a survey and then patch test and process a harbor dataset with MBE and LiDAR

During the course, participants are guided through how to: 

  • Install and understand the architecture of the NaviSuite Kuda Core software package
  • Configure a Kuda Core vessel setup with sensors, geodetical settings
  • Set up autopilot commands
  • Understand the User Interface for sailing and survey
  • Plan surveys
  • Control the sensors from Kuda Core
  • Visualize online data
  • Sail and control the vehicle
  • Use IP cameras
  • Remote Control
  • Import data after the survey
  • Patch test the multibeam
  • Process and clean the data into DTMs and point clouds
  • Calculate volumes

​Target group

The course is aimed towards surveyors who have some experience with hydrographic survey work


An EIVA NaviSuite training certificate is issued to each trainee upon completion of the course

Access to NaviSuite

EIVA NaviSuite Kuda Core can be downloaded from our website for preparation purposes and Kuda Core can run in demo/simulation mode if no port is selected after adding an instrument in the configuration window. Activation codes for full access and activation of the relevant NaviSuite software (NaviSuite Kuda Core + Processing) is provided for each participant for 30 days as part of the course fee

Technical information

The participant must have a stable internet connection (preferably via LAN) to run Microsoft Teams smoothly.

  • Minimum PC specifications:
    • OS Windows 10 Pro edition
    • 8 GB Ram as a minimum
    • 20 GB disk space
    • Graphics board 1GB Ram 
    • The user must have administrative rights over the PC
  • Other requirements:
    • A mouse with scroll function
    • A headset
    • 2 x monitors (one to view the training and one to perform the tasks)
  • Further details about the hardware and software specs can be found here

Securing your seat 

There is room for up to 8 participants at our virtual training courses and your seat is secured once we have received your payment. We only accept orders that are paid by credit card in our webshop

For further information, please do not hesitate to reach out




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