• UTS-9400 Universal Top Side
  • UTS-9400 Universal Top Side

The Teledyne Benthos Universal Top Side (UTS) 9400 is used to operate all standard acoustic releases and to control and communicate with Teledyne Benthos' full line of acoustic modems and positioning products. 

Specifications and features

  • Full color, touch screen display and intuitive menus to simplify operation
  • Advanced ambient acoustic condition analysis to ensure your commands get through in even the most challenging environments
  • Ability to log all sent and received commands for post-processing of mission operations
  • RS-232 port for direct connection to a PC or laptop
  • USB port for offloading logged data and updating firmware
  • Speaker for listening to acoustic signals
  • AC or internal battery power
  • Low frequency (LF) dunking transducer and 25-metre cable (standard)
  • Up to 200 metres of cable available for high-reliability deep water aoustic communications
  • Deck box emulation to command other vendor’s products
  • Portable or rack mount configurations available
  • Optional GPS capability uprade