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  • Cormac 3
  • Cormac 3

MacArtney Cormac winches are modular and self-contained in protective frames. They are constructed from glass-blasted AISI 304 stainless steel and require minimal maintenance.

They are designed to be easy to control either by using the controls mounted on the frame or by remote. The electric motor and junction box are IP56 and fitted with a direct drive level wind.

The Cormac 3 Stainless Steel electrical oceanographic winch is designed for 550 m 11.4 mm diameter cable. The unit is prepared for a Focal model 180 electrical/electro-optical slip ring. 


  • All structural components in stainless steel
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Integrated protection frame
  • Protective grating
  • Frame-mounted control panel
  • Direct driven level wind
  • Long proven track record
  • CE marking
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