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Software developer – C++

Software developer – C++

EIVA is a hardware and software engineering company which provides solutions for subsea applications. Our customers specialise in renewable energy, oil and gas exploration, seabed-to-surface construction and services and hydrographic surveys, just to mention a few. 

Our software, NaviSuite, is among the most utilised and high-end in the industry, offering users a multi-purpose solution known for its versatility and efficiency. It supports navigation, as well as data acquisition, processing and analysis for a wide variety of vessel types – and we are constantly integrating new technologies like AI to enable low-carbon, remote and autonomous operations.

We are on the lookout for experienced software engineer to join our crew due to growing interest in NaviSuite. Join our team of software engineers who ensure that our customers can successfully map oceans, discover forgotten mines, set up wind turbines at sea, and much more. You will be working out of EIVA's offices in Stilling, Denmark – just one minute away from E45 and 15 minutes away from Aarhus.

You'll be working with…

  • Software for surface and subsea positioning, manoeuvring and advanced 3D data modelling
  • 3D computations of dynamic and static data including vessels, drones, structures, and water column, seabed or sediment data
  • Autonomous systems such as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV)
  • Working closely together with other developers that focus on…
    • Point cloud generation, editing and visualisation – via very large data sets
    • Machine/deep learning and computer vision
    • Application-based as well as web-based solutions

The ideal candidate…

  • Has a background as a software developer, holding a degree in computer science, software engineering or similar
  • Is proficient in C++ and some experience in C#
  • Is experienced in real time applications, multithreading and 24/7 uptime
  • Has experience – from studies or previous positions – with large software applications and the ability to write comprehensible and robust code
  • Has experience in efficient test-driven development – and enjoys unit testing
  • Appreciates being able to follow a project from idea through to implementation and real-life use by our clients
  • Strives to create efficient, user-friendly and reliable solutions

Strong English skills, both written and verbal, are a must.

We operate in a niche industry, so don’t worry if you’re new to the maritime world, we’ll equip you with the necessary introduction before you’re thrown into the coding waters.

You will be an integrated part of our development team of software and survey engineers. This includes taking part in and impacting our day-to-day agile and scrum-inspired development roadmap.

The techniques you'll be working with...

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Real time C++ applications
  • Physics and advanced 3D data computations
  • Parallel data processing via for example GPU
  • GIS
  • Automated test, UnitTest, data-/code-driven test
  • Microsoft SQL and SQL Lite
  • Technologies you suggest? There may be some we don’t even know exist – show us how you can strengthen our software suite

Joining the EIVA crew

Joining EIVA means becoming part of a company that takes pride in having an informal and open workplace culture while being engaged with high-end, innovative technology in an inspiring environment.

At EIVA, we value an individual’s sense of personal responsibility and proactivity, therefore it’s possible to make your mark and surprise us if you find undiscovered opportunities.

We value a proper balance between work and private life; something reflected by the 15th, 25th and even 35th anniversaries commonly celebrated.

We offer various benefits, such as a pension scheme and health insurance, a canteen that no one leaves with an empty stomach, and an active social calendar.

Ready to dive in?

If we’ve hooked your attention, send your application via the button below. All applications will be handled with discretion. Interviews will be held immediately with the starting date set as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact VP Software Development Ole Kristensen at okr@eiva.com.