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Technical purchaser / supply chain coordinator

Technical purchaser / supply chain coordinator

EIVA is a hardware and software engineering company which provides solutions for subsea applications. We offer hardware, software and services such as rental, maintenance and training to customers specialising in renewable energy, oil and gas exploration and construction, just to mention a few.

This includes delivering customised, often large-scale, solutions comprising hardware, software and/or personnel, which will allow our customers to successfully map oceans, discover forgotten mines, build wind turbines and much more.

We are now on the lookout for a technical purchaser / supply chain coordinator for an administrative role in the service and production department. You will be responsible for our inventory and suppliers, surveying the terrain of suppliers to ensure we have the right ones based on the quality and price they offer – thereby keeping our production on course and our supply steady.

You will be working out of EIVA's offices in Stilling, Denmark – just one minute away from E45 and 15 minutes away from Aarhus.

You'll be working with…

  • Placing orders with hardware suppliers for development and production inventory
  • Maintaining and optimising purchase processes
  • Negotiating with our suppliers for purchase prices that ensure we can offer our products at competitive prices  
  • Serving as contact for our suppliers on daily basis
  • Searching for / evaluating alternative manufactures and suppliers
  • Maintenance of inventory and stock in ERP system, including forecasting demand to define minimum stock level
  • Following up on delivery time and registration in ERP
  • Keeping the sales team oriented on products’ cost of production – ensuring prices are set accordingly

The ideal candidate…

  • Has a technical understanding, eg of mechanical production and workflow
  • Has experience with technical purchasing through a relevant degree and/or work experience
  • Possesses strong English skills, both verbally and written
  • Enjoys interacting within teams, navigating both an internal network of colleagues and external network of partners, suppliers and customers
  • Has a positive approach to tasks that land on their desk in the morning, and which need to be completed during the same day
  • Is so detail-oriented and structured that your net rarely lets fish through that should have been caught

A technical background and experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are an advantage but not a requirement.

We know that we operate in a niche industry, so don’t worry if you’re new to the offshore world, we’ll equip you with the necessary introduction before you’re thrown into the EIVA waters.

When you’re part of the EIVA crew…

… you’re part of a company with a very informal and open workplace culture where it is possible to make your mark if you see undiscovered opportunities.

We value proper balance between work and private life and offer various benefits such as a pension scheme and health insurance, a canteen that no one leaves with an empty stomach, and an active social calendar.

Ready to dive in?

If we have caught your attention, send your application and CV to eiva@eiva.com. Please include ‘Technical purchaser’ in the subject line of your email.

All applications will be handled with discretion. Interviews will be held immediately, with the new crew member starting as soon as possible.

For further information, please contact VP Hardware Development Martin Kristensen at mkr@eiva.com or at +45 8628 2011.