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Upcoming NaviSuite training courses

Upcoming NaviSuite training courses

Software training courses

Teaching you the ropes through virtual training, classroom courses and blended learning

EIVA offers a variety of software training courses designed to enhance maritime professionals' understanding of NaviSuite, as well as improve their competences with the various tools and features of the range of NaviSuite products.

Software courses are delivered by expert instructors and are run according to a fixed schedule/calendar (detailed below), with training courses being conducted on a virtual platform, as well as at various locations around the world, including EIVA headquarters in Denmark.

Alongside fixed training courses, we also offer the opportunity to arrange customised training courses tailored to your business needs. These courses can be run both virtually and with an instructor physically at hand, depending on your requirements and the given possibilities. It is thus possible to build a course entirely around your requirements, allowing for selection of specific course contents, duration, time and location.

Any other requirements you have, we will be more than happy to hear about and work towards accommodating. If you are interested in this option, please get in touch.

  • NaviSuite Basic Navigation and Acquisition Training Course
  • NaviSuite Basic Navigation and Acquisition Training Course

Classroom training courses

Experienced and certified EIVA instructors will take you through the course curriculum and assist you on the road to improving your EIVA skills.  

For further information, please contact kevin.tomanka@oarsgroup.com

Venue & Price

The course will be conducted in English and held in OARS' offices in Houston: 

16225 Park Ten Pl #660
Houston, TX 77084, USA.

The price per day is $300. Please contact instructor Kevin Tomanka for further details and information of how to sign up. 

Entry requirement

No prior knowledge of the EIVA NaviSuite software solutions is required. 

Training days

Day 1-3: NaviPac 4.5
Day 4: NaviScan 9.5
Day 5: Patch testing in NaviEdit 8.6/NaviModel 4.5

Learning objectives

The course is structured around a general curriculum to give the trainees a broad understanding of the EIVA NaviSuite navigation and acquisition software solutions and make
them confident in using them during navigation and data acquisition operations. To enhance trainee competence and confidence, typical construction support and acquisition  cenarios are used as examples throughout the training course. The majority of the course subjects are supplemented by hands-on training, thus taking advantage of the  comprehensive simulation functionalities that have been implemented into the software solutions.

During the course, trainees are guided through how to:

  • Install the relevant NaviSuite software solutions
  • Understand the basic architecture of the relevant NaviSuite solutions
  • Configure NaviPac and NaviScan with common instruments, geodesy, objects, etc
  • Run various programs for different tasks (calibration, documentation, data quality control)
  • Log survey data for different tasks and in different formats
  • Start, configure and use the Helmsman’s Display
  • Create and manipulate waypoints and runlines
  • Use different map background formats
  • Control the logging process from the Helmsman’s Display
  • Start and configure the Online 3D utility
  • Conduct simple editing of multi-beam echo sounder data in a NaviEdit/NaviModel environment
  • Conduct patch test calibration in NaviModel/NaviEdit

Target group

The course is aimed towards surveyors who have some experience with offshore survey work and a basic knowledge of hydrographic surveying.

Entry level

No prior knowledge of the EIVA NaviSuite software solutions is required. The training course is conducted in English.


The duration of the classroom training is five days, from 9.00 – 16.00, including breaks. 


An EIVA NaviSuite training certificate is issued to each trainee upon completion of the course.

EIVA eLearning

Access to EIVA eLearning will be provided for 90 days free of charge to allow the participant to prepare for the course and to continue practicing the newly learned skills afterwards. Additional access in 12 months can be purchased at the reduced price of €95.

Access to NaviSuite

EIVA NaviSuite can be downloaded from our website for preparation purposes and can partially run in demo/simulation mode. Activation codes for full access and activation of the NaviSuite software bundle Nardoa is provided for 30 days as part of the course.

Technical information

Please find our hardware and software recommendations here

Additional information

PCs are provided at OARS' training room as well as snacks and coffee. 
For anyone interested in participating in the course by remote, please reach out to Kevin Tomanka for more information.
For Covid19 restrictions, please check the local guidelines at the time of the course. 

For further information, please do not hesitate to reach out.