NaviPac 4.2 Helmsman's Display Runlines and Waypoints Essentials

NaviPac 4.2 Helmsman's Display Runlines and Waypoints Essentials

This Helmsman's Display 4 eLearning module focuses on the use of runlines and waypoints in survey related situations.

The user will learn how to:

  • Import, edit, remove and add runlines and waypoints in the Helmsman’s Display
  • Save runlines and waypoints
  • Use the new survey tools of the Helmsman’s Display
  • Track several objects simultaneously using the new vehicle control
  • Set up views for optimising QC and overview during survey operations
  • Do simple LBL array planning
  • Optimise survey using Coverage Assist
  • Understand and be able to see the difference between different runline and waypoint formats

The user should complete the NaviPac 4 and the previous Helmsman’s Display 4 eLearning modules prior to taking this module.

Estimated duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes, and at the end of the module there is a quiz, after which you can print a certificate.  The user needs to score 80% or higher on the quiz to pass.

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