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  • Pro 4 MIL 300BASE
  • Pro 4 MIL 300BASE

The P4 MIL 300BASE Military ROV system has been specifically configured for military, government, and force protection personnel to quickly and effectively perform a variety of underwater inspection tasks. 

The MIL 300BASE ROV system is a portable and cost-effective solution that can be deployed in minutes and operated by only one person if necessary. Underwater security sweeps of ship hulls and piers can be performed rapidly and without the cost and inconvenience of divers. The included crawler attachment allows the VideoRay to latch on to ship hulls in high-current conditions for stable video inspections. The Pro 4 MIL 300BASE ROV configuration also includes a manipulator arm attachment and an external camera. The rugged system is delivered with imaging sonar-ready hardware (sonar not included).

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