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  • Wayfinder DVL
  • Wayfinder DVL

The new Wayfinder DVL from Teledyne RD Instruments, at just 10 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm, is the smallest DVL Teledyne has designed, making it ideally suited for micro ROVs. 


  • Track your position without the added expense and complexity of an Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) system.
  • Know your vehicle altitude without the cost and added payload of an altimeter.
  • Navigate safely, even in turbid and deep water.
  • Find and retrieve deployed objects more efficiently.
  • Support flexible mission objectives from subsea cameras and videography to seabed mapping.
  • Record locations where images/photos were taken.
  • Easily integrate onto your ROV.
  • Hover and station keep your ROV with confidence.
  • Mark waypoints or sites for later return.


Bottom tracking
Maximum altitude: 60 m
Minimum altitude: 0.5 m
Velocity range: 10 m/s
Long term accuracy: +- 1.15%
Ping rate: 16 Hz
Center frequency: 614.4 kHz
Number of beams: 4 x 2D phased-array
Maximum operating depth: 200 m
Operating/storage temperature: -5° C to 45° C/-30° C to 60° C
Weight in air/water: 0.85 kg/0.51 kg
11.4-37V; 3W average, 25W peak; 4A max surge
RS-232, 115200 or 9600 Baud Rate
Software (Windows & Linux)
Wayfinder Tools Utility/Interface software; Python Driver interface

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