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  • Workhorse horizontal ADCP 300kHz (multiple options)
  • Workhorse horizontal ADCP 300kHz (multiple options)

Workhorse horizontal ADCP 300kHz (multiple options)

Teledyne RD Instruments
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Teledyne RD Instruments’ 300-kilohertz Workhorse Horizontal Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (H-ADCP) is an acoustic monitoring system that 'looks' out horizontally from its mounting structure to measure near-surface water currents and optional multi-directional waves. 

This revolutionary tool utilises Teledyne RDI’s BroadBand signal processing to obtain an optimal combination of range, resolution and data quality that cannot be obtained using narrowband products. 

The Workhorse H-ADCP measures currents at 128 individual points at an up to 200-metre horizontal range, providing a detailed illustration of the complete flow structure centred at a single depth. The 300-kilohertz Workhorse H-ADCP can be upgraded to add wave height and direction capabilities, fulfilling all your monitoring needs.


  •  Offshore oil and gas platforms
  •  Renewable energy


  • Increased range: 300-kHz frequency and narrow <1° beam work together to ensure an extended profiling range of 200 metres or more
  • Increased data: Acoustic Doppler technology provides users with the capability to measure from 1 to 128 points, providing exponentially more data than a single point instrument
  • Real-time data: Easily installed, the Workhorse H-ADCP provides unobtrusive real-time data for real-time decision-making
  • Robust construction: Designed so that no calibration is ever required, and constructed to allow installations in the most hostile environments
  • Ease of operation: Preconfigured for simple operation, the Workhouse H-ADCP ensures optimal performance with a minimal learning curve
  • Wave monitoring capability: The Workhorse H-ADCP can also be upgraded to measure wave height and direction, providing a complete monitoring solution
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