Second-hand offshore equipment

We update the list of products in our rental pool of equipment for offshore surveys and engineering on an ongoing basis. This means that we always have second-hand equipment available for purchase at a reduced price.

If you are interested in one of the solutions listed below, please contact us for further technical specifications and pricing.

Should you have another type of product in mind, please let us know as well – perhaps we have it sitting on one of our shelves.


  • Teledyne BlueView BV5000-1350 – 3D mechanical scanning sonar, incl. Pan & Tilt w/ mounting hardware, sonar, Pan & Tilt junction box, accessory kit and software
  • Teledyne BlueView M900-2250-130 – dual-frequency 900 kHz and 2250 kHz, 2D imaging sonar
  • OceanEnviro 1.7 Winch – Electronical Level Wind, w/500m coax cable, Ø 6,53mm, speed/meter counter, remote control 4"  touchscreen incl. 10m cable, sliprings. Ideal for Side Scan operations.
  • TSS Meridian Surveyor Gyro (surface gyro) – with short settling time (<40 minutes) and high turn rate of 200° per second
  • Teledyne RDI ChannelMaster H-ADCP
  • Teledyne RDI Instruments Workhorse QuarterMaster ADCP, 150 kHz direct reading, with bottom tracking
  • Teledyne Benthos ATM-915 LF1 acoustic telemetry modem, incl Universal Deck Box (UDB-9401E-LF6) and 2m pigtail
  • AML Smart•X, 500m – real-time probe Smart•X lends itself to vehicle integration. Ideal for AUVs or ROVs. Acetal rated to 500 m. A single real-time instrument meets multiple deployment requirements. Includes C, P & T sensors.







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