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  • Pinnacle 45 ADCP
  • Pinnacle 45 ADCP

The new Pinnacle 45 from Teledyne RD Instruments provides a long range available from a self-contained and real-time ADCP.  Recommended for profiling ocean currents up to 1000 m in a footprint typically associated with ADCPs achieving half of that range – Pinnacle 45 greatly increase portability and simplifies deployment. 

  • Profiles up to 1000m / rated to 2000m depth
  • Deployable from offshore platforms; moving boats; or seafloor, subsurface or surface buoys
  • 20° phased array transducer reduces size and weight and decreases missing data
  • 45 kHz phased array

Product features

  • Swappable Configuration: Convert from Self-Contained to Real-Time without an additional purchase.
  • Adaptable: Independent or Interlaced long range and high-resolution modes allow users to optimize their system for unique deployment requirements.
  • Continuous Sampling: Pinnacle's 4 beams ping allows simultaneous sampling of a current profile up to 1000 m.
  • Compass Enhancements: Pinnacle includes both heading field calibration and magnetometer data.
  • Advance Monitoring: Health Monitoring and leak detection
  • Increased Data: 20° phase array beam allows you to measure within 6% of range to surface (air/sea or bottom). 
  • Long life: Up to 18-month deployment duration with 4 Li batteries.
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EIVA LIVE - Dive into EIVA's software and hardware solutions for the maritime industry

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