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  • Pathfinder Doppler Velocity Log
  • Pathfinder Doppler Velocity Log

The Teledyne RD Instruments Pathfinder 600kHz array transducer is ultra-compact and designed with reduced size and weight to accommodate a wide array of vehicles ranging from larger AUVs and observation class ROVs to the latest generation of small inspection class ROVs and mini AUVs, with minimal impact on system payload and reduced drag on the vehicle. Pathfinder 600kHz is priced for smaller budgets, without compromising on performance.

Features and benefits

  • Ultra-compact phased array transducer deliver enhanced position accuracy at a reduced size and weight
  • Pathfinder 600kHz will suit most vehicles due to bottom tracking range of less than 20 cm to over 80 m
  • Designed to eliminate the need for speed of sound correction and minimise impact on system payload even on the smallest vehicles
  • Self-contained or remote head configuration options available to meet your needs
  • Teledyne RDI‘s proven bottom-tracking algorithms ensure highly reliable data and performance 
  • Upgradable to include ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling) capability


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