• NaviPac 3.X to NaviPac 4.X - Upgrade your skills
  • NaviPac 3.X to NaviPac 4.X - Upgrade your skills

NaviPac 3.X to NaviPac 4.X - Upgrade your skills

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4-6 Mar 2019 Houston, USA

Blended learning

With blended learning courses, the basic parts of the training curriculum are covered by modules on our eLearning site, while the classroom part focuses only on in-depth details of advanced subjects, hands-on training and dialogue with the instructor.

This allows you to prepare for the classroom course when your schedule allows for it and to revisit the subjects covered by eLearning as many times as you want – also after the classroom course.

Please note that all course participants are required to have passed the relevant eLearning modules prior to the classroom course. In turn, the classroom part is reduced in terms of number of days compared to the traditional courses. This is possible because the basics have been covered before you meet with our experienced EIVA senior surveyors carrying out the training.

For further information, please contact kevin.tomanka@oarsolutions.com


16225 Park Ten Place, Suite 660
Houston, TX 77084

Entry requirement

Attendance at the NaviPac 3.X to NaviPac 4.X NaviSuite training courses presupposes that participants either have a profound documented knowledge of and experience with NaviPac or have passed the following EIVA eLearning modules prior to the start of the course with a minimum score of 80% in all modules:

  • NaviPac 4.0 Configuration Essentials
  • NaviPac 4.1 Helmsman’s Display Essentials
  • NaviPac 3.9 LogData Essentials
  • NaviPac 3.9 DataMon Essentials
  • NaviPac 3.10 USBL Calibration Essentials

Classroom training:

Day 1 - 2: NaviPac 4 Pro

Learning objectives:

The course is structured around a general curriculum to give the trainees a broad understanding of the EIVA NaviPac software solution and make them confident in mobilizing and using it.

To enhance trainee competence and confidence, typical construction support and acquisition scenarios are used as examples throughout the course combined with hands-on training, thus taking advantage of the comprehensive simulation functionalities that have been implemented into the NaviPac software solution

During the course, participants are guided through how to:

  • Install the NaviPac 4 Pro software
  • Understand the new structure of NaviPac Pro 4
  • Configure NaviPac Pro 4
    • The new NaviPac Pro 4 software
    • Apply the user interface principles
    • Apply the NaviPac Pro 4 project
    • Define vehicles (objects)
    • Define instruments
    • Apply geodesy settings
    • Use multiple projects
    • Go online
  • Introduction to NaviScan configuration in NaviPac
  • Use and understand the NaviPac Pro 4 online modules
  • HMD 4 (Helmsman’s Display)
    • Apply the user interface principles
    • Apply layout and templates
    • Apply background maps
    • Apply runlines and waypoints
    • Apply vehicle control
    • Use of range/bearing views
  • Use data views and live data
  • Apply live point clouds
  • Use the connection to NaviScan
    • Incl. point clouds and DTM
    • Apply server data
    • Apply a croos profile
  • Apply remotes
  • Introduction to online eventing and live video

Target group

The course is aimed towards surveyors or other NaviPac users with an extended, profound knowledge of and experience with NaviPac Pro who would like to learn how to work apply their existing knowledge to NaviPac 4.X.

Entry level

A minimum score of 80% in all the required EIVA eLearning modules or similar documentable knowledge. Both eLearning and the following classroom training course is conducted in English.


The duration of the classroom training is two days, from 9 am to 4 pm, including breaks. Lunch, beverages and coffee/tea are included in the fee.


An EIVA NaviSuite training certificate is issued to each trainee upon completion of the course.

EIVA eLearning

Access to EIVA eLearning can be purchased for 12 months full access at the price of € 195.

For further information, please do not hesitate to reach out.