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  •  Minos•X SVP sensor, 1,000 m Delrin housing
  •  Minos•X SVP sensor, 1,000 m Delrin housing

This version of Minos•X includes a pressure housing made of Delrin, with a maximum depth of 1,000 metres. Actual usage depth will be limited by the lower of the maximum depth ratings of the Minos•X housing (1,000 metres) and the sensor that is chosen by the purchaser.

Half the size of a Plus•X instrument, Minos•X is designed for vertical profiling in tight spaces like launches or boats. The instrument includes a shackle, sensor cage, built-in rechargeable battery and LED status indicator to simplify deployment preparation. High-speed 25-Hz sampling ensures excellent data resolution. Minos•X can be ordered with up to two additional analogue channels or one additional digital channel, for use with remote sensors.

Like all other X•Series instruments, Minos•X uses Xchange™ field-swappable sensors, available for, sound velocity, temperature, and pressure. This means that sensor heads can be shared with other instruments, regardless of instrument size or type. Total flexibility of instrument model, sensor type, and sensor range ensures that the right instrument is always available.

Field-swappable sensors also streamline recalibration – instead of sending the entire instrument back to a recalibration centre, calibrated sensor heads can be sent to the instrument. Changing sensors is easy – simply unscrew one sensor head and replace it with another.


  • Field-swappable sensor heads
  • Data logger / self-powered
  • In situ deployments
  • Vertical profiling (shallow), vertical profiling (deep)
  • Maximum deployment depth varies depending on housing material and sensor payload


  • Right instrument always ready – calibrated sensors are shared amongst all X•Series instruments, ensuring that the right instrument is always field-ready.
  • Reduced downtime – recalibrated sensors sent to the instrument means the instrument never leaves the field for recalibration.
  • Reduction in transport and logistics costs – instruments can be recalibrated without return to a calibration center.
  • Greater system redundancy – mobility of sensor heads and modularity of instruments minimizes the risk of downtime on the vessel.
  • Streamlined management – less time spent administering instrument recalibration and certification requirements.
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