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  • Topside rack unit – 1000 W
  • Topside rack unit – 1000 W
Spare topside rack unit for ScanFish, for power and communications over coax cable.
The topside rack unit ensures stable and reliable communication between the surface computer and the subsea equipment such as sensors and ScanFish, and provides power for the equipment. Power and communications are provided over a single coax cable. 
This variant is compatible with ScanFish systems with a power rating of 1000 W.

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Input voltage
110 / 230 V ac
Maximum power consumption
1050 W
Fuse ac
5 / 12.5 A
Fuse PLC
4 A
Ingress Protection rating
BASE10/100 Ethernet (LAN)
Up to 7 Mb/s at 1000 m cable
Maximum cable attenuation
25 dB
Cable impedance (nominal)
50 R
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