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  • ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit – incl subsea housing
  • ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit – incl subsea housing

If you are looking for an off-the-shelf power and communications solution for subsea sensors or other types of equipment deployed from a vessel via a long cable, we offer the ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit for easy integration with your existing system. As it is based on the technology of the ScanFish ROTV system, it constitutes a proven off-the-shelf solution.

Standard kit components

  • Topside (2U rack unit) with:
    • 300 W power supply
    • Modem for Ethernet over power cable (4-5 Mbit/s via a 4,000 m coax cable, with higher bandwidths – up to 7 Mbit/s – possible via shorter cables)
    • Deck cable 30 m
  • 600 m-rated pressure bottle with subsea electronics with:
    • 9 Teledyne Impulse interface connectors, with a mixture of Ethernet and serial ports
    • Modem for Ethernet over power cable
    • 8-port multiplexer, Ethernet to RS2323 or RS485
    • 2 DC output power modules each at 130 W (one is preconfigured to 24 V, the other is customisable, allowing for 12-48 V)

The ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit comes for equipment with a coax subsea cable.

Should you have other requirements, the kit can be delivered as a 600 W and a 1000 W version, as well as for combination with a fibre optic subsea cable, along with a long list of other optional extras.

8,000.00 excl VAT, excl shipping fee
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