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  • AML-6


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The AML-6 series of instruments is a highly configurable family of multiparameter sondes designed for a wide range of data collection applications. The ‘6’ designation refers to the number of X2 series sensors that may be simultaneously installed on the instrument’s endcap. Additional sensors may be connected externally, allowing up to 8 sensors in total.
The AML-6 comes in two depth options: max 500 m and max 6,000 m. Both depth options are available in RT and LGR designations. These differ in a few key features, which specialise them for their respective applications:
  • The LGR designation (ie AML-6 LGR) are self-powered via a rechargeable internal battery and have a mechanical on/off switch adjacent to their shackle. These instruments are most commonly used for multiparameter profiling applications and internally log sensor measurements and transfer data postdeployment.
  • The RT designation (ie AML-6 RT) stream data while in-situ (though they have the ability to internally record data as well). Power and communication to these instruments is facilitated via a waterproof connector located adjacent to the shackle. These instruments rely on external power for operation and the application of this power turns the instrument on in lieu of a mechanical switch. These instruments are commonly used in moored applications, buoys, underwater observatories and ROVs.

Key benefits

  • Six X2 interchangeable ports: ability to custom configure a single instrument for multiple applications
  • Mechanical On/Off switch
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and GPS: Transfer data wirelessly
  • USB connectivity: Recharge battery and connect via USB
  • Integrated UV biofouling (optionl): Maintain consistent data quality and decrease maintenance intervals
  • Sailfish software: Download, process and export profiles automatically


Max depth 500 m 6,000 m

Number of ports

6 (option for up to 8) 6 (option for up to 8)

Biofouling protection

Street lamp UV N/A
Communication WiFi, USB-C, RS232 USB-C, RS232
Input voltage 8-30 VDC 8-30 VDC
Pressure housing Acetal Steel reinforced acetal
Protective cage Stainless steel (optional: CuNi) Stainless steel (optional: CuNi)
Dimensions 600 x 100 mm 600 x 100 mm
Weight in air 4  kg  4.9 kg
Weight in water 2.1 kg 2.8 kg
Software Sailfish Sailfish


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