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  • P•Xchange™ calibrated pressure sensor (multiple options)
  • P•Xchange™ calibrated pressure sensor (multiple options)

P•Xchange™ calibrated pressure sensor (multiple options)

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The P•Xchange™ sensor from AML is the oceanographic industry's only field-swappable pressure sensor.

Each sensor head contains embedded electronics where calibration coefficients are stored. Sensor heads can be moved from instrument to instrument without impacting field accuracy. Changing sensors is easy – simply unscrew one sensor head and replace it with another.

Available ranges

  • 0–50 dbar
  • 0–100 dbar
  • 0–200 dbar
  • 0–500 dbar
  • 0–1,000 dbar
  • 0–2,000 dbar
  • 0–4,000 dbar
  • 0–5,000 dbar
  • 0–6,000 dbar


  • Precision ±0.03% FS
  • Accuracy ±0.05% FS
  • Resolution ±0.02% FS
  • Response time 10 ms
  • Maximum depth depends on the dbar range
  • Piezo-resistive

*Specifications subject to change without notice.


  • Elimination of instrument downtime – time when the instrument cannot be used because it is en route from the vessel to recalibration, at the service centre for recalibration, or en route to the vessel from recalibration. With Xchange™ sensors, recalibrated sensors are sent to the instrument, instead of the instrument being sent to the recalibration centre.
  • Reduction in transportation and logistics costs – shipping, couriers, duties and brokerage fees – related to shipping large instruments back for recalibration. With Xchange™ sensors, small sensor heads are shipped instead of heavy instruments.
  • Increased flexibility for service managers, because a recalibration becomes a mobile asset that can be plugged into any X•Series instrument. Field-swappable sensor heads enable any organisation – big or small – to become a virtual recalibration centre by stocking spare calibrated sensor heads.
  • Multi-range instruments – the ability to change the sensor range on any instrument to suit specific deployment requirements. This means instrument duplicates (identical instruments dedicated to different pressure ranges) become a thing of the past.
  • Improved absolute pressure accuracy. You may choose the best full-scale pressure range to suit your deployment depth.
  • Greater system redundancy resulting from the ease of deploying spare sensors into the field. 

All X•Series instruments share the same architecture, allowing you to place whichever sensors you need on your instrument model of choice. Total flexibility of instrument model, sensor type and sensor range ensures that the right instrument is always available.

Xchange™ sensor heads are used exclusively with X•Series Sensor Xchangeable instruments. Please refer to the X•Series family brochure for a list of instruments, applications and specifications.