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  • AML-1
  • AML-1


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The AML-1 series of instruments is a highly configurable sonde designed for a wide range of data collection applications. The ‘1’ designation refers to the number of sensors that may be installed on the instrument’s endcap.

Typical configurations include:
  • Sound velocity (SV)
  • Turbidity (Tu)
  • Pressure / Water level (P)
  • Conductivity temperature (CT)

Key uses and benefits

  • SV ray tracking connections: Measure sound velocity at MBES transducer down to 6,000 m
  • In-situ real-time measurements: Simplified in-situ measurements of environmental parameters
  • Real-time data streaming: Collect and apply data measurements in real time
  • Flexible: Custom configure a single instrument for multiple applications


Max depth
6,000 m
Number of ports
Input voltage
8-26 VDC
Pressure housing
80 x 33 mm
Weight in air
0.27 kg
Weight in water
0.20 kg
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