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  • SBE 49 FastCAT CTD Sensor
  • SBE 49 FastCAT CTD Sensor

SBE 49 FastCAT CTD Sensor

Sea-Bird Scientific
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The SBE 49 FastCAT is an integrated CTD sensor intended for use as a modular component in towed vehicles, ROVs, AUVs, or other autonomous platforms that can supply DC power and acquire serial data. It is an easy-to-use, light, and compact instrument, well suited to even the smallest vehicle. FastCAT must be externally powered, and its RS-232C data logged or telemetered by the vehicle to which it is mounted. FastCAT does not support auxiliary sensors; if such sensors are required, the user’s vehicle must be equipped to acquire their signals independently. 

FastCAT’s pump-controlled / TC-ducted flow feature minimizes salinity spiking, and its 16 Hz sampling provides very high spatial resolution of oceanographic structures and gradients. Measured data and derived variables (salinity and sound velocity) are output in real-time in engineering units or raw HEX.

Please note: This product is subject to export control, which may delay/hinder delivery to some countries, and may be subject to restrictions if re-exported.​

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