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  • Metrec•X series instrument, P1S4, 6,000 m housing
  • Metrec•X series instrument, P1S4, 6,000 m housing

Metrec•X series instrument, P1S4, 6,000 m housing

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The Metrec•X is a real-time multi-parameter instrument that allows you to change the instrument's sensor load – in the field and on demand. The Metrec•X can accommodate as many as five Xchange™ sensor heads on the end cap, allowing you to configure the focus of your research on an application by application basis.

With Metrec•X, dissolved oxygen can be swapped for turbidity, shallow pressure sensors can be swapped for deep, and temperature range can be extended or tightened, as needed. P1S4 allows for one primary and four secondary sensors installed. Maximum depth 6,000 metres.


  • Greater return on investment: Each instrument can multi-task as CTD or SVTP, at multiple pressure ranges, assuring greater usage .
  • Right instrument always ready: Calibrated sensors are shared amongst all X•Series instruments, ensuring that the right instrument is always field-ready. 
  • Reduced downtime: Recalibrated sensors sent to the instrument means the instrument never leaves the field for recalibration. 
  • Reduction in transport and logistics costs: Instruments can be recalibrated without return to a calibration centre. 
  • Greater system redundancy: Mobility of sensor-heads and modularity of instruments minimizes the risk of downtime on the vessel. 
  • Streamlined management: Less time spent administering instrument recalibration and certification requirements.