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  • Deep SUNA Ocean Nitrate Sensor
  • Deep SUNA Ocean Nitrate Sensor

Deep SUNA Ocean Nitrate Sensor

Sea-Bird Scientific
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​Based on the proven MBARI-ISUS nitrate sensor, the Deep SUNA has been redesigned for easy integration with AUVs of all types. Deep SUNA provides real time, chemical-free nitrate calculations in deep ocean environments using Sea-Bird Scientific’s advanced UV absorption technology.

Deep SUNA features include:

  • Full UV spectrum for maximum accuracy
  • Real-time temperature/salinity compensation
  • Real-time nitrate calculation
  • Corrosion-proof anodized aluminum housing with 2000 meter depth rating
  • Simple software-based, in-field reference checks
  • User-friendly UCI software (Windows and Mac OS X compatible)

For AUV integration details, please ask about our third party integration experience. If you have any questions, please contact support@seabird.com.

Note: The Deep SUNA is designed to be more aerodynamic than the SUNA V2 and its use on a AUV should not alter the speed significantly. The Deep SUNA sample rate is the same as the SUNA V2 @ - 1Hz.
Please note: This product is subject to export control, which may delay/hinder delivery to some countries, and may be subject to restrictions if re-exported.​
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