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  • Spherical ADCP Buoy (multiple options)
  • Spherical ADCP Buoy (multiple options)

Spherical ADCP Buoy (multiple options)

DeepWater Buoyancy
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DeepWater Buoyancy understands the value of data recovery as well as ADCP technology, oceanographic operations and what it takes to supply products that ensure success. ADCPs manufactured by Teledyne RD Instruments are the tools of choice for the measurement of currents in both deepwater and coastal environments. While success begins with a great family of instruments, deployment products are a critical link in optimising data return.

Manufactured from high-performance Deeptec™ syntactic foam and fitted with 316L stainless steel and titanium hardware, DeepWater Buoyancy's spherical ADCP buoys are designed to outperform and outlast conventional mooring flotation. The buoys require minimal maintenance and are extremely durable under the most rigorous deepwater conditions.

Designed by an experienced engineering staff that fully understands the effects of mooring excursions on data quality, galvanic corrosion and biofouling, DeepWater Buoyancy's spherical ADCP buoys are performance-proven and have a long track record of successful deployment and recovery. The buoys are designed to accommodate Teledyne RD Instruments' 300-, 600- and 1,200-kHz Workhorse ADCPs, 75-kHz Workhorse Longer Ranger ADCP, and 150-kHz Workhorse Quartermaster ADCP.

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