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  • Workhorse Mariner ADCP (multiple options)
  • Workhorse Mariner ADCP (multiple options)

Workhorse Mariner ADCP (multiple options)

Teledyne RD Instruments
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Product features

  • Convenience: By installing the Mariner directly in the vessel ’s hull, the ADCP is always ready to operate —no need for cumbersome mounting tools and hardware, and the unit is safely protected from external elements.
  • A turn-key solution: The Mariner comes complete with all the tools you need to go straight to work to collect high resolution current profiling data.
  • Precision data: Teledyne RDI ’s patented BroadBand signal processing delivers very low-noise data, resulting in unparalleled fine track resolution.
  • A four-beam solution: Teledyne RDI ’s patented 4 beam design improves data reliability, improves data quality, and improves data accuracy.