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  • Vertical ADCP
  • Vertical ADCP

Vertical ADCP

Teledyne RD Instruments
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The Vertical Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (Vertical ADCP) is designed for the high-accuracy measurement of water flow, level and velocity profile in open channels, rivers, streams and irrigation channels.

The Vertical ADCP can be deployed as a self-contained instrument recording data for later use, as a real-time instrument for real-time measurements, or as a portable flow meter, with the option to move from station to station. 

Product features

  • Teledyne RDI’s BroadBand technology, which allows for small cells and/or short averaging/sampling intervals and highly accurate velocity data
  • A range of 3–150 user-selectable velocity measurement cells, with cell sizes from 3–20 cm and profiling range from 0.2–5 m
  • Small transducer mounted to bottom of open channel allows for less flow disturbance
  • Accurate acoustic water level sensor
  • A highly intuitive user-friendly Windows software
  • No calibration required, providing a cost-effective solution
  • Real-time flow monitoring
  • Self-contained flow monitoring