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  • Tasman DVL (multiple options)
  • Tasman DVL (multiple options)

The new Tasman DVL 600 kHz / 300 kHz from Teledyne RD Instruments with its wide array of advanced features, reduced size, improved accuracy and increased range represents the next generation of DVL technology taking your navigation to the next level.

Tasman DVL is a good value-price solution for a wide range of vehicles from ROVs to large diameter AUVs.

Product features

  • Innovative field-replaceable phased-array transducer design that enhances position accuracy, eliminates the need for speed of sound correction and reduces the drag on your vehicle.
  • Compatible with Ethernet allowing you to plug-and-play with your vehicle network interfaces.
  • Upgradable to include Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP) capability.
  • Time of validity output for highly accurate coupling with an Inertial Navigation System (INS) further improves your resulting DVL aided INS position accuracy.
  • Bottom tracking ranges from 0.15 m to 420 m, in up to 6000 m water depths.
  • Designed as a drop-in replacement for Workhorse Navigator for ease of installation
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