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  • StreamPro ADCP with compass and tablet PC
  • StreamPro ADCP with compass and tablet PC

StreamPro ADCP with compass and tablet PC

Teledyne RD Instruments
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The StreamPro ADCP revolutionises discharge and velocity measurement in stream from 15–200 centimetres in depth. The StreamPro's 'bottom tracking' capability provides the ability to move continuously across the stream to obtain a discharge measurement in two or three minutes instead of thirty minutes to an hour using the older point-by-point method. StreamPro's unique design allows you to take measurements without even entering the water. Simply pull the instrument across the stream as you walk across a bridge or attach the unit to a tagline. Data is collected in real time and transmitted via a wireless data link to a convenient palm PC loaded with Teledyne RDI's user-friendly software. Stream gauging truly has become as simple as 1-2-3!

StreamPro ADCP now available with compass option

The StreamPro ADCP is now available with on optional compass upgrade. The compass, part of a six-axis sensor assembly, is mounted in the StreamPro Electronics. Modifications have been made to the transducer, mounting arm assembly and float to precisely align the transducer at a known orientation. Existing StreamPro owners can factory upgrade to this option without the need to purchase a new instrument.

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