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  • Doppler Volume Sampler™ (DVS) (multiple options)
  • Doppler Volume Sampler™ (DVS) (multiple options)

Doppler Volume Sampler™ (DVS) (multiple options)

Teledyne RD Instruments
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Teledyne RD Instruments’ Doppler volume sampler (DVS) is suited for your long-term shallow or deep-water moored currentmeasurement applications. The DVS provides improved data over traditional single-point solutions because it measures a profile of up to 3m with a user selectable number of high-resolution velocity bins (maximum 5). 

These bins ensure data quality by allowing the user to measure and see the shear between bins. Shear that might be caused by eddies created by the mooring line as the water currents pass by. The DVS allows the user to see this and use only the data that represents the true currents.


  • Four beam solution: Four beam Janus configuration provides a profile of the error velocity - high error velocities in the near bins would indicate inhomogeneous flow due to the mooring line. 
  • High precision: The DVS measures velocity profiles at up to 40 times per second, allowing mm/s precision at a 1 Hz update rate.
  • Multi-tasking capability: The DVS can be programmed to run a preconfigured sampling strategy, which need not be interrupted should the operator decide to communicate with the DVS to download data or command additional samples.
  • Options: Optional next-generation internal inductive modem and high precision (0.005 C) thermistor, both from Sea-Bird Electronics , ensure built-in quality and reliability.
  • Compass/Tilt: High sample-rate solid-state compass/tilt sensor measures at up to 15 Hz, which helps to identify periods of mooring line strumming in the data