ToughBoy Panchax


Wave buoy with lowest possible total cost of ownership

 ... cutting costs without compromising data quality

The wave buoy data storage and transmission flow for offshore engineering and survey operations

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The lowest possible total cost of ownership on the market

... through a competitive purchase price together with low service and communications costs

Reliable data
... through an integrated ADCP and high-precision wave sensor

Perfectly matched requirements
... through the possibility of tailoring the wave buoy both in terms of equipment and data settings

Reduced risk of wave buoy suffering damages or being lost
... through a robust design with built-in buoyancy material

Long intervals between service inspections
... through electronics with low power consumption and intelligent battery charging

Uncomplicated offshore service operations
... through a design facilitating servicing with fewest possible tools

Remote configuration and monitoring of the wave buoy

... through web-based software

Cut costs without compromising on data quality

The ToughBoy Panchax wave buoy solution offers you the lowest possible total cost of ownership on the market. This is achieved through a competitive purchase price together with low service and communications costs.

The state-of-the-art, integrated ADCP and thoroughly-tested, advanced wave sensor provide high-precision wave and current data – the settings and transmission are adjusted according to your needs, keeping communications expenditures at a minimum as well.

From harbour monitoring, subsea engineering pre-surveys to wave energy studies and any type of wave and current measurement surveys in between, the ToughBoy Panchax is the optimum choice. Additional sensors can be fitted as optional extras, creating an wave buoy that perfectly matches the setup you’re looking for.

No complications

The ToughBoy Panchax is designed to eliminate complications such as losing the acquired data or the wave buoy itself, or having to deal with extensive and costly service procedures on a regular basis.

About the name

The wave buoy is designed for rough weather, hence ToughBoy. Striped Panchax is a fish species that can detect waves/movements in the sea surface.

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