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  • BV3100 Boat Mount FLS with pan & tilt
  • BV3100 Boat Mount FLS with pan & tilt

Teledyne BlueView's BV3100 is ideal for search and recovery operations, dive team situational awareness and diver vectoring. It is also an effective means of harbour bottom inspection as well as diver and underwater IED detection.

The BV3100 uses Teledyne BlueView's 2D forward-looking sonar (FLS) mounted to a digital pan and tilt system to deliver clear, streaming imagery during both confined and wide area searches. This real-time imagery is produced whether moving or stationary, even in zero visibility water conditions. The BV3100 can be used alone or as a complement to sidescan sonar by allowing the user to reacquire and guide divers to targets found in sidescan imagery.

Key features

  • Sonar deployment pole with 50 ft cable
  • Sonar image rotates to reflect target's true position relative to vessel heading
  • Powerful combination of sonar with pan and tilt
  • 360° search angle while underway
  • Operates at speeds up to 5 knots
  • 1-person operable
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