S-CAN option for NaviModel Producer

The S-CAN option for NaviModel Producer offers a unique algorithm for automatic point cloud cleaning. It is developed in collaboration with the Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO) at Aarhus University in Denmark.

Being a mathematically proven statistical algorithm, it is predictable in what it does and will give the same result no matter what operater uses it. It is very fast and will allow you to clean a survey of 1 kilometre length / 36 million multi-beam echo sounder points on an Intel i7 laptop in only 4.5 minutes.

One unit purchased via the webshop equals one licence. You will get a soft licence via email until you receive the physical licence dongle. This allows you to get started with the software right away (that is, within a few hours). 

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Supplier: EIVA
€ 2,725.00 / unit
Excl VAT, excl shipping fee
A few hours