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Oceanology International 2024

Oceanology International 2024

Find us at booth D500, where we will be showcasing a fleet of innovative solutions…

Catch these presentations, held at our booth

Collect high-resolution seabed data with ViperFish ROTV towable by small vessels
Presenter: Martin Kristensen | VP Hardware Development at EIVA
Time: 13:30 PM |​ 12 March

EIVA’s all-in-one ROTV system, ViperFish, is tailored to provide high-resolution data collection in autonomous USV operations. Dive into examples of data collected during sea trials with the full ViperFish payload: Wavefront Solstice multi-aperture sonar, R2Sonic MBES, OFG Hypermag and Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav Mini and Mini-Ranger 2 + WSM 6+.

Containerised ROTV solution for flexible employment
Presenter: Martin Kristensen | VP Hardware Development at EIVA
Time: 14:30 |​ 12 March

Learn more about a containerised solution featuring a ScanFish L capable of diving to 1000 m depth, deployed with a launch and recovery system from a 20' Cube container module by SH Group. Two dedicated workstations within the container ensure the system's full operational capability and independence of employment. This system is optimal for flexible employment of an ROTV from a variety of host platforms, whether for pipeline inspection, MCM, site survey, cable route survey, high-resolution object detection and more.

NaviSuite Nardoa for efficient asset inspections
Presenter: Matthew Brannan | Area Sales Manager at EIVA
Time: 11:30 PM | 13 March

This streamlined software solution covers pipeline and cable inspections during data acquisition, processing and delivery – supporting MBES and backscatter/SSS data, providing automated eventing and data cleaning tools. This proven, off-the-shelf software bundle allows you to save man-hours and money while delivering high-quality, thorough and comprehensive inspection results to your customers.

Voyis' Discovery Stereo Camera with VSLAM Powered by EIVA NaviSuite
Presenters: Sean Elmer | Head of Offshore Energy at Voyis                                                                           Antonio Felipe Silva | Product Manager of Robotics & AI at EIVA
Time: 14:30 PM 13 March

Learn how ROV visual inspections can leverage VSLAM computer vision integrated with Voyis’ Discovery Stereo Camera for real-time 3D displays for QC, situational awareness, touchless metrology and more. To minimise the risk of incomplete or inaccurate data collection, ROV pilots can look at real-time 3D point clouds and evaluate what was covered, as well as where to go next.

Software building blocks for guiding autonomous operations with USV, ROV and AUV
Presenter: Antonio Felipe Silva | Product Manager of Robotics & AI at EIVA
Time: 15:30 PM 13 March

EIVA’s robotics software solutions provide the guidance your vehicle needs for autonomous operations. These function as layers in an autonomy stack – complementing your robotics control systems with localisation, perception, planning and simulation capabilities. Learn more about these solutions, the autonomy stack component architecture and how they enable your system to respond to a variety of situations. 

NaviPac has you covered for optimal navigation
Presenter: Ole Kristensen | VP Software Development at EIVA
Time: 11:30 PM 14 March

EIVA’s navigation and positioning software, NaviPac, supports single and multi-object operations, whether remote or on-site, with a wide variety of equipment. NaviPac provides customisable displays such as overlays, 2D and 3D, as well as tools for survey planning, QC and time tagging. In this talk, we walk you through a variety of use cases and software tools to optimise your navigation.

Anytime you stop by our booth – experts can show you these solutions

  • NaviSuite VSLAM, our innovative computer vision software solution, creates 3D models in real-time based on stills from Voyis’ Discovery stereo camera, enabling QC and situational awareness, touchless metrology and more
  • ViperFish all-in-one ROTV solution towable by USV – featuring high-resolution data examples collected with Wavefront Solstice multi-aperture sonar, OFG Hypermag, R2Sonic MBES and Sonardyne positioning
  • Offshore renewable energy inspection demo data – featuring integrated technologies for autonomy from EIVA and our Covelya Group sister companies Sonardyne and Voyis
  • Try our NaviSuite Mobula ROV control and inspection software simulator
  • Software building blocks for autonomy stack – providing localisation, perception, planning and simulation capabilities
  • ScanFish ROTV range for UXO survey, oceanography and more
  • ToughBoy data buoy for monitoring wave, current, weather, tide and even for aquaculture
  • NaviSuite Cloud, our cloud-based NaviSuite thin-client which lets your share and display your projects via a web browser
  • NaviSuite Nardoa for subsea asset inspections
  • NaviSuite Kuda survey software and NaviSuite Kuda – Autopilot for USV

Join us in this Oceanology International conference session…

Speaker: Antonio Felipe Silva, Product Manager of Robotics & AI at EIVA
Presenting: Computer vision software leveraging subsea stereo cameras to enable superior ROV piloting in challenging subsea and near-asset
South Gallery Room 7 & 8
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM, 13 March

Check out the full programme.


Visit our Covelya Group sister companies


Sonardyne at booth F300

Chelsea at booth E551

Voyis & Wavefront at booth E351

And of course, EIVA at booth D500

Dive into the interactive floorplan to chart your path:

Floorplan for Oceanology International 2024, with Covelya Group company booths labeled

Navisuite user experience feedback station

Share your insights into how you use EIVA’s software – for a chance to shape the future of our products. Our design expert will be at our stand collecting feedback for further improving our NaviSuite software solutions. 

Catch the EIVA crew in London

To catch the relevant expert at your convenience, reach out to book a meeting with one of the EIVA crew members attending Oceanology International 2024.  We are happy to chat about the challenges your operations face and how our solutions can help. 

Maybe you have an idea for a custom NaviSuite software tool to suit your needs? Or you want to dive into the hardware details to find out whether you can use the ViperFish ROTV for your remote UXO operations? Or you want to discuss an idea for a development project integrating different technologies? Let’s meet up.

Can’t make it?

If you can’t attend, you can always feel free to reach out and don’t forget to follow the EIVA cruise to stay tuned on the latest developments!


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