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3D dredging software for high-precision and efficient operations

Reduce dredging operation and planning time with NaviSuite Uca

Working with dredging operations has one major challenge: lacking the ability to visually see what is being worked on. NaviSuite Uca offers a unique 3D view of dredging equipment position and seabed terrain in a real-time view that is updated so that the operator can see exactly where to work next.

NaviSuite Uca comes standard to support a variety of dredging equipment and can be tailored to support any type of setup not already on the list.

The software offers exceptionally fast pay-back on investment due to reduced planning time, reduced follow-up and reporting time, faster dredging operation, and less re-work due to the accuracy of the solution.

Highlighted features

  • Live 3D view of target model and difference to seabed during dredging (removal) and dumping of material
  • Supports excavators, wire cranes, subsea equipment etc with a variety of buckets, clamshells, rotations, open/close sensors etc
  • Can be ordered as a full system with sensors, computers and installation or just software
  • Use NaviModel Analyser for rock dump design, trench / dredge model design or calculation of volume-to-go
  • Use NaviPac Lite for navigation of barge and for registering dump sites

Case studies

How EIVA brought 3D clamshell software to users of Trimble’s GCS900 grade control solution for excavators

How NaviSuite Uca 3D software helped dredging contractor to see underneath the water surface to efficiently complete their dredging contract

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